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Driving Your Product Development Forward with Trusted Science and Flexibility

Technostics was founded by Professor Peter Dettmar in June 2003 and has impressive research facilities based at Castle Hill Hospital, Kingston Upon Hull,UK.

Technostics is a team of talented scientists and sector experts focussed on healthcare product development in an atmosphere conducive to innovation and practical application.

The team is supported by our extensive network of clinical and industrial collaborators and guided by the substantial commercial experience of the management team.

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Technostics has a proven track record of delivering commercially beneficial innovations through partnering closely with healthcare companies to deliver creative solutions that enhance and support product life cycle strategies.

We operate at the interface between marketing and R&D to overcome the complex challenges faced during product development.

We have experience working on leading OTC brands in the UK, and internationally, helping them to increase competitive advantage through strategies such as enhancing product functionality and cost leadership.

Our team of highly qualified PhD and graduate scientists have the full range of skills necessary to meet any of your brand challenges and take a product from concept to the consumer.

technostics team
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technostics lab
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Technostics provides consultancy services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and nutraceutical industries. Utilising specialist industrial and scientific expertise we consult across the entire product development lifecycle from the earliest planning of research programmes to product launch. Technostics have worked with a number of major companies consulting on:

  • Novel therapies for gastrointestinal disease
  • Polymeric drug delivery systems.
  • Pharmaceutical formulation and analysis
  • Therapeutic applications of biopolymers and hydrocolloids
  • Healthcare business development and academic spin-outs

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